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Your One Stop Shop to Buy, Sell, Lease, Maintain, Repair, and Recycle any Computer, Electronics, IT, Network, Telecommunications, Banking and Medical related hardware for over 25 years.

Thank you visiting Landmark Associates at www.landmarkga.com to learn more about our product and service offerings.  A new content management system will enable us to always keep you up to date.

At present, our web site is still a work in progress. The emphasis of our site is on general company information along with product and service offerings.  Please check our site from time to time to learn about new offerings as well as special events.

We are always in the market for good, working surplus equipment as well as older, outdated equipment for responsible recycling and scrap.  On the sell and lease side we can help with New, Used, Refurbished and some Manufacturer Certified Refurbished products.  Feel free to call or email us with any lists of surplus or scrap equipment that you are looking to sell or get rid of as well as anything that you might be in the market to buy or lease.  We can help with complete systems, peripherals, parts, features and more.

For the quickest response please email Michael@landmarkga.com or call 770-844-8244 with your requirements.