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Surplus/Scrap Recycling:

-Landmark can help with your obsolete equipment whether you have good, working equipment to sell, non-working equipment to dispose of or just get rid of

-Landmark can take care of the labor, materials and transportation in most cases to make it easier for you.

-Landmark acts as a sorting facility for Responsible Recycling.  All equipment brought in is either reused or recycled. 

Data and Media Destruction Services:

-Landmark can eradicate the data on your tape media and disk via DoD compliant software or we can physically destroy the assets.

-Landmark will physically destroy any assets at your site or ours.

Maintenance and Repair:

-Landmark can offer Repair and Maintenance on just about anything we buy and sell.  Tape drives, printers, controllers, telephones...We got you covered.

-Landmark can repair any device that you send to us or we can offer to send you an advance replacement in lieu of your exchange.

-Landmark can Repair and Maintain anything on a case by case basis or under a monthly maintenance agreement.

Asset Management:

-Landmark can handle all your asset management needs from simple take outs of surplus to auditing and testing.

-Don't have the time to audit or test what you have.  We can do a sort and settle to make it easier on you. 


-Have equipment you want to get rid of, but aren't thrilled about not getting the price you want for something that you think is more valuable than a spec number?  Put it on consignment with us and let us handle the testing, marketing and selling of it and put more money in your pocket.