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Do you have old tape media or disk drives that you are looking to sell or get rid of, but are concerned about the integrity or security of your data?  We are buyers of surplus media both new and used.  We can offer you a certificate of data destruction or physical destruction for your media at our site or we can come to your site with our mobile shredder if you are looking to have your media physically destroyed.  We have resources here in the Atlanta area as well as partners nationwide that can help with the physical destruction.

We are buyers of all brands of media including, but not limited to, IBM, 3M, HP, Fuji, Sony, Imation, Blackwatch and more.

Some of the styles we are currently buying include, but is not limited to, LTO-2 (HP only at this time), LTO-3, LTO-4, LTO-5, 3592, 8mm, 4mm, DDS-4, DDS-5, DAT72, MLR-1, SLR-5, cleaning tapes and more

We also sell new and used, certified tapes as well.  Please call or email for quotes.